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Mobile JikesRVM

Mobile JikesRVM is a Java framework built on top of the IBM Jikes Research Virtual Machine. It extends the latter JVM with strong code mobility, i.e. Java threads have the capability to migrate among different hosts transparently, like any other serializable object. It has been developed by Raffaele Quitadamo during his PhD and is freely available online as a CVS project (Info on how to check it out will be available very soon on this wiki).

The future of Mobile JikesRVM

We are currently working at integrating Mobile JikesRVM in real application scenarios, and the PIM in particular.

Things to do

  • Finishing the register-saving patch to the mobile optimizing compiler
  • Design a custom serialization protocol to improve the overall migration time. Such a new protocol will be essential in the PIM project, to speed up the roundtrip time and the reactivity of the system.
  • Improve the baseline extractor, to avoid the bytecode parsing overhead.
  • Resume (for a limited number of cases) the manual stack restoration technique (no self-installing prologue)