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In this [[Seminar presentations | page]] you can find the presentation slides of some seminars given in the context of our research group.
In this [[Seminar presentations | page]] you can find the presentation slides of some seminars given in the context of our research group.

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Welcome to the Agent and Pervasive Computing Group Wiki page

The Agents and Pervasive Computing Group ( has been founded in 1998 and it is carrying out high-quality research in the areas of
  • distributed systems engineering,
  • agent-oriented software engineering,
  • middleware for mobile and pervasive computing,
  • self-organization in computing systems.

Members of the group regularly publish their research results in major international journals, and actively participate in the organization of major international conferences and workshops.

The excellence of the performed research work during the years has also been explicitly recognized by the international community via several best paper awards and several invited papers.

Research Projects at AgentGroup


In this page, we share ideas about our research projects and schedule activities in our group.

The following research projects are currently being carried out:

  • Mobile JikesRVM, a framework extending the IBM Jikes Research Virtual Machine to enable computational mobility (i.e. Java thread migration)
  • MEnSA, Methodologies for the Engineering of complex Software systems: Agent-based approach.
  • The Service Ecosystem, a new software engineering model enabling autonomic pervasive services composition and interaction on top of a knowledge-based substrate
  • CASCADAS, European IP Project aimed at developing Component-ware for Autonomic Situation-aware Communications, and Dynamically Adaptable Services
  • UbiMedic, an agent-based framework tailored to the requirements and the heterogeneity of medical emergency scenarios and the healthcare environment

In this page you can find the presentation slides of some seminars given in the context of our research group.

Teaching activities at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


Staff Researchers from AgentGroup carry on teaching activities at

  1. the Faculty of Engineering,
  2. the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Biology (Facoltà di Scienze MM. FF. NN.).

University courses (Insegnamenti universitari)

The following list contains information about such courses (only in Italian):

Available thesis projects (Tesi disponibili)

Tesi.png Nella pagina tesi sono disponibili alcune proposte di tesi triennale, specialistica e magistrale.

Past Research Projects

Past research.png
  • BRAIN (Behavioral Roles for Agent INteractions), is a project whose aim is to support the development of interactions in agent-based applications. It relies on the concept of role, which is modeled as a set of capabilities and an expected behavior.
  • MARS enables agents to coordinate with other entities they encounter in thier nomadic life. it implements a coordination architecture based on Linda-like tuple spaces, associated to each execution environment, where agents can store and retrieve messages in a spatial and temporal uncoupled way.
  • TOTA (Tuples On The Air) & CO-FIELDS (Computational Fields) is a novel middleware infrastructure explicitly conceived as a support for distributed computing in dynamic network scenarios. The key objectives of TOTA are: to promote uncoupled and adaptive interactions by locally providing application components with simple, yet highly expressive, contextual information; and to actively support adaptivity by discharging application components from the duty of dealing with network and application dynamics.