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Orrstown Bank ($1.6B, PA) will acquire Hamilton Bank ($525mm, MD) for $58.5mm in cash and stock or 1.31x tangible book. Software company Kony will acquire the innovation unit of Umpqua Bank ($26B, OR) known as Pivotus. (Pivotus is a software as a service company that connects customers with their financial institution through a personal banker where they can communicate via voice, video and text chat.) In New Jersey OceanFirst Bank ($7.8B) will acquire Capital Bank of New Jersey ($483mm) for $80mm in stock (100%) or about 1.73x tangible book.

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They're playing on a little different playing field. Some of the teams, not all of the teams. Some of the teams are really healthy. So he got funding to do two Phase 1 studies to test whether mebendazole is safe to use in brain cancer patients, one in children and another in adults. So far the drug appears to be safe and well tolerated by patients, Riggins says. That would be expected, given that it has been used for decades around the world to treat pinworms..

My boss insists on using bash for everything. I would like to use Python. Say you need to partition up a bunch of disks or call out to a bunch of other scripts or utilities that already exist, it silly to rewrite them in Python and if you are just exec out in Python it is probably more efficient to do it in bash.

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