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David S. Murphy, president of Damar Group, a computer training firm in Columbia, Md., has used WebPhone software for about a year to communicate with his business partners in France, South Africa and Italy and throughout the United States. The technology has helped him shave $800 a month off his phone bills, he said..

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I was officially informed Monday afternoon that it was to be my last day on payroll at the paper which has undergone deep cuts in recent months. I wanted to post something on the blog sooner about my fate but I put an update on my Facebook page late this afternoon and have been dealing with dozens and dozens of non stop messages and phone calls (all incredibly supportive) for the last several hours. Nothing like a a series of big, warm cyber hugs and friends calling from different cities and states and even countries..

Regardless, as soon as Ronald, Jr. Was born, DeFeo and Brigante mended their rift. Four more children followed at relatively regular intervals: Dawn Theresa, July 29, 1956; Allison Louise, August 16, 1961; Marc Gregory, September 4, 1962; and finally John Matthew, October 24, 1965.] DeFeo, the typical Brooklyn born working class guy, had done well for himself in the automotive sales industry thanks to his wife's father, Michael.

Fine stepped in a few weeks ago when child welfare officials became upset after the release of a Model Court status report that reflected badly on DCF. The report of seven case studies highlighted failures of DCF counselors to provide judges with vital information on the troubled families involved in dependency court. Instead, the report stated, Model Court case managers had to step in at the last moment to notify judges of criminal backgrounds and outstanding arrest warrants against some parents..

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Raiders All Pro Khalil Mack put opposing quarterbacks on notice in 2015 with 15 sacks and now he in the Pro Bowl. He anchor Team Rice D in Hawaii and you can get his No. 52 Pro Bowl jersey here. By Paul DavenportPlumes of smoke from an explosion inside a residence hall at the University of Nevada, Reno in Reno, Nev., is visible on Friday, July 5, 2019. Police referred to the incident as a "utilities accident." There were no immediate reports of injuries. (Raymond Floyd via The AP)Thorough searches of a mostly empty University of Nevada, Reno, dormitory that was heavily damaged by an explosion found nobody inside and all students accounted for, officials said Saturday.
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