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Completely understand how monuments that honor people who did evil things can be bad. I understand how they can offend people and be destructive to the social fabric, Sandweiss says. I also understand that sometimes seeing those and understanding that our fathers or our grandmothers put that up can be a very powerful historical moment, too.

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It transformed the culture of colonial America, and gave American Protestants the sense that they belonged to a single great "Christian commonwealth", stretching from New England to Georgia and the Carolinas. The Great Awakening gave Americans a sense of their own uniqueness and destiny as a nation, which would provide the emotional ammunition for the American Revolution. But it also inspired Scots back home with the idea that the place where God meant to establish his covenant with His Chosen People might not be Scotland after all, but America.

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. Missouri Governor Mike Parson made a big announcement Tuesday involving expansion at Bayer a St. Louis agricultural company. Background and aims:Internet gaming disorder (IGD) has become a topic of increasing research interest since its inclusion in Section 3 of the DSM 5. High scores on scales assessing depression, anxiety, and somatic disorders were found. However, the findings indicate the presence of several other comorbid disorders meaning that some of the adolescent sample with IGD had different clinical profiles.

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