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We found a golf club one day and an empty Gatorade bottle. We decided to call it "urban golf" and had to take turns and hit the bottle all the way around town and back to the start. On the last swing right before the game was over my friend clipped another friend in the eye on his back swing and needed stitches..

"For years, we have been seeking a balance between political concessions and pushing the needle as far in favor of medical freedom as we could. This negotiated result is a decent balance to get the program underway," Boyack, president of the libertarian Libertas Institute, said in a prepared statement. "With this result, a major gutting of Prop 2 has been prevented, unlike what we have seen in the past and may see in the future on other issues.".

Harvey remained in control of the company until the grand jury indicted him in April. At that time, NovaCare's board of directors placed him on administrative leave. They formally removed him as CEO after the court unsealed the case on Sept. Also, and you probably don hear this a lot, THANK YOU for being the guiding force of this for your friends. You giving them access to something that not a lot of people can do well, nevermind for two groups at the same time. They may never admit it, but you really are having a tremendously positive impact on them..

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Smallwood has consistently faced offseason competition since entering the league in 2016. While he has always been able to overcome the odds, this year's training camp could feature his toughest test yet. Adams led the team in rushing yards last year and Scott has upside as a returner.

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GOLDMAN: They have not. You know, the smart basketball people at the TrueHoop blog described the Warriors' offense, which has been playing so well, as a Cuisinart. It's a whirring mix of speed and movement. Edit 2 I remember when I get down there for the first few days I couldn understand her. I have to be living down there for a week, having chats, then I get up to speed with her English. She often be using Irish grammatical constructs, and a mixture of Irish and English words, and a decent enough accent.
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