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I've just browsed through the sub projects of Dynamic Service Composition project of Tatsuya Suda and Keita Fujii and it seems there is nothing finally working. Or if it is, it is impossible to test. In next three sections I've provided reports about codes and documentation. I think that at moment we can use mainly ideas and maybe -- some code excerptions -- if it comes necessary. Of course we can try to obtain codes from the authors directly, but it has been done in 2004..



Theory on the base of specification: "The Component Service Model with Semantics (CoSMoS) is a model to represent a component's semantics, operations and properties. CoSMoS applies semantic graphs to represent a component. This document is designed to provide the reader with the basic concept of CoSMoS and describes its syntax. It also shows some examples of CoSMoS."


  • only XML semantics purely defined;
  • errors in documentation: wrong RDF/XML syntax (mismatching opening/closing tags)
 <rdfs:Class rdf:ID="String">
   <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&cosmos;Predicate"/>
  • error in documenation: wrong understanding of RDF semantics:
 <rdfs:Class rdf:ID="String">
   <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&cosmos;Predicate"/>
 <rdfs:Class rdf:ID="String">
   <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="&cosmos;Concept"/>

does not corresponds to the Abstract Model Specification: String in this model is a datatype, not class and cannot be subclass of Predicate. The Predicate should be subclass of Concept class.

  • RDF/XML is not easy to read, better use N3 notation for RDF;
  • Not available example with RDFS (bad link:
  • Provided program is compilable and generates abstract Java beans for concepts defined in file with component model, but only those defined in XML; for other formats I don't know, as examples of components defined in RDF and WSDL are not provided
  • errors on the web page: on the page of example of CoSMoS/WSDL link to CoSMoS/RDFS example (sample.rdfs) is provided


Theory on the base of specification: "Component Runtime Engine (CoRE) provides a unified interface to discover and access components implemented in various component technologies. CoRE converts the metadata of the discovered components into CoSMoS so that the upper layer (i.e. a service composition and execution layer) can analyze and manipulate the components using CoSMoS."


  • Implementation of CoRE's Engines only for a local environment, i.e. the Engines to discover and access the components stored only on a local host
  • the Engines using Web Service technologies are also under development. (not available on the Web site)
  • not compilable: class net.bionet.core.ui.ProcessPanel requires non existing class net.bionet.segsec.ServicePerformer
  • zero comments in the code

SeGSeC and SeGSeC Demo Applet

Theory on the base of specification: "Semantic Graph based Service Composition (SeGSeC) is a semantics-based service composition mechanism. SeGSeC allows a user to request a service using a natural language sentence, and generates an execution path (i.e. workflow) of the requested service. SeGSeC also performs semantic matching to confirm that the semantics of the generated path matches the semantics of the user request."


  • no natural language usage: fixed expected structure of user request
  • not compilable: class demo.segsec.SeGSeCDemoApplet requires non existing classes
    • net.bionet.segsec.ServicePerformer
    • net.bionet.core.local.LocalAdvertisement
    • net.bionet.core.local.LocalAdvertisementLoader
    • net.bionet.core.local.LocalCoreEngineFactory
  • applet on the Web page does not work -- does not compose services on request