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Finally, four individual variables of psychological well being were selected: loneliness, self esteem, satisfaction with life, and satisfaction with family life.For the present work five separate studies were carried out to address the main aim. The first study is a translation study which aims to translate the scales under study into Arabic using two different methods of translation, back translation, and statistical translation. The results indicated that the translated items of the self report scales are understandable and have similar meaning to the original items.The second study, which is the pilot study, aims to test the properties of the scales and examine the relationships among the variables.

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I spend money on my commute (rail, parking) and dining. I don do much shopping other than Amazon. I am looking to move into a studio later this summer and cut down on the airfare/hotel costs. DON Keep your volume on. Nobody wants to hear the start up sound of your MacBook, as refreshing as it may be. The announcement, which the Governor made through his Facebook page, brings privacy laws into the 21st century.

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio Just two years ago, life for Danielle Kirby of Cuyahoga Falls changed in an instant. For a 4 mile run, and I came upstairs and I sat on the couch to watch television and I had two seizures. Kirby was rushed to the hospital and a CT scan revealed devastating news: an acorn sized mass on the right side of her head.
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