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With the massive success of live action adaptations of The Jungle Book, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland, Disney is full steam ahead with remaking its beloved titles. Dumbo landed earlier this year (to little fanfare), now Aladdin, and later this summer is The Lion King. So where does Aladdin rank with all of these remakes? Unfortunately, the answer is that it falls toward the bottom.

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OMG a post on a non local subreddit about an area that I live in! I not as familiar with everything in that area as I should be, but know a little about the food options in the main shopping hub area of Macedonia. Fast food/chain restaurant wise, there a Chipotle and an Outback Steakhouse can go wrong with a burrito bowl or a steak. There an NEO chain called Winking Lizard with a location in Macedonia that is known for their wings.

Maybe it was a late night with some fine Italian wine. More likely, the result of a boring lecture. With that, Freeman asked the audience: How is it that we are still teaching science at universities much the same way it was done in the 1300s?. "I can tell you that the tactics that we employed with our robberies has helped reduce that number. We created a covert robbery section that really reduced those robbers that are committing multiple acts of robbery across the city whether they hit a Family Dollar four times or they're doing internet based robberies. We have a group of individuals that really dig into those robberies, identify suspects and go out and lock 'em up," he said.

Oregon State's Adley Rutschman feels 'rush of emotions' after Baltimore Orioles make him No. 1 pick in MLB draft Oregon State's Adley Rutschman feels 'rush of emotions' after Baltimore Orioles make him No. 1 pick in MLB draft Sherwood native Adley Rutschman, a Golden Spikes Award finalist, is the 12th Beavers player to be selected in the first round of the MLB draft..

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Get in[edit]Amtrak [10] serves New Brunswick station. It offers an express train that is slightly faster; however, the cost of a ticket (>$27) is greater than the cost of an NJ Transit train ($13.50). For those traveling from Baltimore and other points south, the Amtrak is a good option, and some travelers from as close as Philadelphia may also choose Amtrak in order to have a one train trip and avoid having to change from the Philadelphia area SEPTA trains to NJ Transit in Trenton..

"I would recommend that they learn how to manage their work load. Focus on the quality of your grades instead of completing the degree. Sure you can take 3 classes a quarter and have mediocre grades but take your time and get the most out of the lectures.

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Surely that does not make for high culture or even, in the last analysis, for sound economics. I regard many popular television shows as a reflection of this obsession with winners and losers, with put downs and invidious and immature comparisons. This phenomenon, it seems to me, is characteristic of a culture unwilling to acknowledge that excellence does not have to be at someone expense.

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