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Dear Volunteer: The rueful look you received was an invitation for you to acknowledge this other person efforts. And yes, you could/should have said, are obviously more deserving than I, and I embarrassed that your own efforts were not acknowledged. I don know what they were thinking, but I want to thank you very much for all you done for this school, and all the children who have graduated today.

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My children have gone there the last three years and they love it! The staff is responsible and very kind to my kids. The bus picks them up in the morning and drives to the "trip of the day" location Wantagh Pool, the Long Island Children Museum, Adventureland, Dave Busters, Bowling a Movie, or a Mets game, etc. The Director is very organized and energetic and treats each child as an individual.

Finally, as darkness approached and fuel was running low, one Cat swooped low to try a desperate landing in the midst of the tempest. Lt. Wyman, as pilot, was in command. 28: DE Josh Sweat, No. 27: CB Rasul Douglas, No. 26: DE Vinny Curry, No. This paper studies the effect of the Brexit vote on the intraday correlation and volatility transmission among major currencies. We find that the vote causes an increase in the correlation among the safe haven currencies of the Swiss franc and Japanese yen as well as gold, and also find a decrease in their correlation with the directly involved currencies of British sterling and the Euro. These changes are due to the appreciation of the former group and the depreciation of the latter group which represents a flight to quality of investors.

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I heard this recently on Univision, one of their talking heads said it, but I also heard it around the time the FMF was looking for a manager after Piojo firing: He was nowhere near first pick for the job. Bielsa was their aim and they settled for Osorio, after being rejected by others. Could be smoke, could be true.

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Coughlin did not.If the legalization billdoes not pass, some advisers to Murphy will encourage him to push for a constitutional amendment asking voters whether they want legal pot, according to a source familiar with the situation.Some lawmakers have introduced bipartisan compromise legislation to decriminalize marijuana in which those caught with small amounts would be fined, like traffic offenses.But Murphy said in his speech Tuesday that doesn't go far enough."I greatly respect those in this chamber who have proposed decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, and I thank them for recognizing the importance of doing what's right and just for those who carry criminal records for past possession arrests," Murphy said."But decriminalization alone will not put the corner dealer out of business, it will not help us protect our kids, and it will not end the racial disparities we see," he added."If these are our goals as they must be then the only sensible option is the careful legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana sales to adults," Murphy continued.State Sen. Ronald Rice, D Essex, said he was unhappy the governor outright rejected the legislation to decriminalize pot.Rice who sponsors that bill has repeatedly criticized legalizing weed because it will bring more drugs to impoverished communities, and make minorities who are under 21 years old a target for arrest, which has been the case in Colorado."He's listening to policy people and money people around him but not people like myself," said Rice, a former police officer whose district includes Newark. "The governor and I.
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