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Do you already have your favorite chair, but just want to add some flair to it for the football season? Check out the NFL Recliner Reversible Furniture Protector, which covers your chair with style, but also protects from spills and stains. Measuring 80 inches by 65 inches, the cover fits most recliners up to 34 inches long (from arm to arm). Simply drape the cover over the chair and attach the elastic straps for a secure fit, and you ready for the big game.

cheap jerseys Upset that Richard Cordray has left the CFPB and is officially running for governor of Ohio? Bored with lending here, and want to go into the home financing business in Africa? Per AllAfrica, Tanzania leads the pack with mortgage rates at 18%. Isn't the only country struggling with affordable housing. The proportion of Tanzanian urban households who might afford the cheapest newly built house by a private developer, given current mortgage financing, was only one per cent, lower than Uganda (3%), Rwanda (3%) and Kenya (8%). cheap jerseys

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Here are some of the issues to consider when evaluating your aging in place and home care options:Location and accessibility. Where is your home located? Are you in a rural or suburban area that requires a lot of driving? If you're in an area with more public transit, is it safe and easily accessible? How much time does it take you to get to services such as shopping or medical appointments? It's also important to consider proximity to community services and activities.Home accessibility and maintenance. Is your home easily modified? Does it have a lot of steps or a steep hill to access? Do you have a large yard that needs to be maintained?Support available.

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Boston was losing population into the 90s. Maybe there an entrance to the county park I didn notice, or I don know, a tunnel. But where I live, walking is far more intuitive than that. Aims: As one of the biggest organisations in the world, the NHS in England can contribute considerably to the United Nations' Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to optimise this, this study evaluated and reconceptualised a sustainable development assessment tool for health and care settings in England.Methods: A quantitative survey and user/expert discussion panels were conducted to evaluate and reconceptualise the existing sustainable development assessment tool used by the NHS in England, the so called 'Good Corporate Citizenship Assessment Tool', between 2007 and 2016 including potential improvements such as the integration of the UN SDGs.Results: A reconceptualised self assessment tool integrating the UN's SDGs was developed and implemented online as the 'Sustainable Development Assessment Tool (SDAT)'. Further improvements included a process orientated redesign and the creation of new modules and cross sections aligning them with the leads responsible for the implementation of key initiatives in NHS organisations, which would contribute to achieving the targets of the SDGs.Conclusions: User/expert involvement has enabled an informed approach to a reconceptualisation of a sustainable assessment tool for health and care settings.

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We were back to the meet point in an hour, but we rode through wind and a decent rainstorm. It was also very dark. I was the only one with working front and rear lights, and my front light is extremely bright, so I led, and someone with a working taillight took up the rear.

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Enforcing an off the record policy is more difficult now, says Mr. Goldstein, who teaches at the University of California at Berkeley: you going to ask students to leave their phones at the door? themselves have become more open as well. The rise of open courses, pioneered by MIT OpenCourseWare project, makes more classroom material freely available to the public, for example.

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While still a teenager, Jackson spent one additional year as a high school student in nearby Jamestown, New York, but he never received a day of college education. He prepared to become a lawyer principally by working as an apprentice for two years in a Jamestown law office. From that background, Robert Jackson rose to make big marks on the biggest stages of his time, and in history.

wholesale nfl jerseys 'How do we introduce democracy democratically to people who are not sure they want it?' This question was posed to us at the outset of what became a three year experiment in seeking to implement more democratic organizational practices within a small education charity, World Education. World Education were an organization with a history of anarchist organizing and recent negative experiences of hierarchical managerialism, who wanted to return to a more democratic organizational form. An ideal opportunity, we thought for the type of critical performative intervention called for within Critical Management Studies. wholesale nfl jerseys

The man and woman in the Cadillac were alert and talking after the crash, said Bonnie Hensley with IFD. They were transported to Wishard Memorial Hospital where blood draws will likely be performed to determine if the driver was intoxicated. Metro Police will take over the investigation into the people in the car..

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